5 Ways to Troubleshoot a Skype Call

5 Ways to Troubleshoot a Skype Call

06:53 28 July in Journal

Skype is the popular online invention that is connecting the people from different parts of the world. Now, you don’t need any other communication app for building a long lasting relationship because an instant messaging software is fulfilling the motive of collaboration and communication with the business employees.


Though, the communication can be carried forward via the assistance of a small camera in your PC or laptop which is made out of an image, lens, image sensor and other electronics items. But you may confront some technical complexities during the call.

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Let’s discuss the 5 ways to troubleshoot a Skype call:


       Check an internet connection

In case your video or audio calls freeze, it might be an internet connection that is causing the trouble. Keep one thing in your mind that if Skype notices a weak connection, it will decrease call quality.

       Use the latest version of Skype

Try to use the latest version of Skype when you are on call with the other person and ask him or her as well to do the same. Just download the latest version on your phone or computer system.


       Additional application hampers your call

You need to immediately close all the applications that could become the reason of interfering your call. Quickly close your file sharing applications or a web browser that is open your system because it will consume your server data.


       Increase the volume

In case you are trying to make a call by sitting in a room which is not completely noiseless, you need to increase the volume on your system or headset so that you can easily hear what your friend is trying to speak.


       Make a test Skype call

The free test call is the appropriate technique to test your sound. Skype’s test call will assist you in recording a message and after that, you can hear the same by playing it back. Along with this, in case you are not able to hear the voice on the test call, proceed to the next step immediately.


The listed above points will help you greatly in troubleshooting the issues during a Skype call.


After fixing the call issues on your system or phone, you can freely enjoy additional features of Skype like sharing a story, celebrating a birthday, organizing a meeting with colleagues, and much more exciting things.if needed then you can also call on Skype customer technical support help number .they will give you instant solution .

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